Chicken Pizza

This one is a good one for lunch at work, prepare it all the night before. Makes a change from salads…… Ingredients •  2 chicken breasts •  1 tube of tomato puree •  1 red pepper, sliced •  1 onion, sliced •  8 walnuts, crushed •  50g goats cheese Method […]

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8 Tips to help towards that flatter tummy

If you are serious about taking part the next 7 days then do try also taking on board the follow:- 1: Clear out the cupboards of all processed foods, cereals, biscuits, cakes all things sugary, all those treats you keep in for the kids. 2: Do a 7 day food shop so you have enough [...]

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Does Exercise Work?

Only 20% Will Get Results? Really? Do you watch ‘This Morning’ ever? Apparently, as I did not see it for myself, Dr Michael Mosley (the brain behind the 5:2 diet) told the TV show that exercise can cause you to gain weight. He also suggested that the ‘Endorphins’ can not effect our mood. Do you [...]

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Keeping that BBQ food healthy

  The Oil When it comes to choosing oils when barbecuing we do need to be careful. Olive oil may taste great combined with your salad on the side, but when heated to a high degree (~190°C) the oil begins to degrade and change their chemical structure. This causes them to become highly inflammatory to [...]

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Clean Eating Doesn’t Have to be Boring!

...It goes to show by doing a little bit of exercise daily (10 minutes can make a difference!) and eating tasty but REAL food has great results. I appreciate though that if you read the papers or watch the TV it is confusing over what is good for us and what isn' changes most weeks doesn't [...]

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7 day Detox

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner Monday Smoothie of your choice     Mexican tomato soup Green salad Chicken stuffed with ginger and orange and Vegetable’s Tuesday Poached eggs & bacon Ham Tabouleh and avocado salad Beef Koftas Spinach/Green Beans Wednesday Smoothie of your choice Goats cheese Frittata Salad Tuna and salsa verde Thursday Boiled eggs with [...]

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3 simple ways to improve your running

1. Choose the Right Foods Many runners believe that exercise makes it okay to consume Chocolate, cheese burgers and soda. However, these products are acid forming and artery clogging, they contain trans fat, and they’re highly processed. While these processed and fatty junk foods are poor choices for anyone, they’re even worse for runners. Poor [...]

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Tabouleh and Avocado salad

Tabouleh and Avocado salad   90g bulgar wheat 1 celery stalk thinly sliced Diced cucumber 1 large plum tomato seeded and diced 1 avocado thinly sliced Spring onions thinly sliced Handful of flat parsley chopped Handful of fresh mint chopped Lemon vinegar dressing 125ml olive oil Juice and zest of 2 lemons 2 tablespoons white [...]

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