You don’t need to wear anything fancy, Just something you feel comfortable in, supportive trainers, track suit bottoms and t-shirt is fine but don’t forget if you are taking part in our outdoor Bootcamps to take the weather into consideration for that day.
If it’s your first session please arrive 10-15 minutes before the start to fill out our medical and disclaimer forms. We recommend you bring a bottle of water, a towel if you get sweaty. And if you have asthma please bring your inhaler.
Every session is different, they are designed to be fun, enjoyable but also challenging.
The sessions could comprise of strength workouts using your own body weight or partner resistance, walking, running drills, skipping, stretching and the odd surprise that will get you the results you desire! for men and women.
You don’t need to be in great shape to participate in any of our sessions it is
our job to get you in shape! We accept people of all shapes, sizes, age over 16yrs and gender. It doesn’t matter if you can do 1 or 100 press ups, every exercise can be tailored towards your own ability and adapted to suit your needs.
There are no refunds for missed sessions, if you don’t show we will assume you can’t make it, however if you do want results you will need to attend regular.

We are flexible, if you let us know in advance that maybe you can’t attend one night, we will happy for you to make that up on another night at another location. All our options for monthly Subscriptions are under our prices section with terms and conditions for each option.

We never want to turn anyone away, so if you find pay as you go is easier for you then we charge £5 per session. However if you are attending on a regular basis our monthly options which can be found on our price page do workout more cost effective.
If you take advantage of our monthly options you can attend sessions outside and in, As long as you stick to the terms on the monthly plan you are on, i.e. 1 sessions a week could be used at either Bootcamp or a session running indoors. 2-3 sessions a week can be a mixture of bootcamp and sessions indoors, or just outdoor bootcamps as long as you stick with the limit. If you are on the unlimited option then fill your boots and make use of all the sessions we run in and outdoors.