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We offer group classes in Gosport, Fareham

Where you are at

You know you should be doing something about your health and fitness but are struggling to motivate yourself or find something that you enjoy. You don’t really know where to start doing something about it. You find gyms intimidating and want to be surrounded by like-minded and like bodied individuals with the same fitness struggles as yourself.

The problems you are facing right now

Your day to day activities involve predominately sitting and a lot of inactivity. You feel breathless just walking up the stairs and lack the strength and endurance to do simple day to day tasks. Energy levels are low and you may be carrying extra weight that you know if shifted would help you feel better all round.

What you need help with right now

You need to build exercise into your routine which will allow you to start feeling fitter and stronger, healthier and happier. You are looking for a small, friendly group class so that you are not feeling lost in a huge faceless exercise class. You know you need an instructor to show you the best exercises to do safely and effectively in a friendly and supportive environment not just during classes but outside of sessions if you choose to.

How can our group fitness classes help you?

Our classes generally do not exceed 15 participants so you can get the support and attention from the instructor whilst feeling part of a team. Sessions tend to be a mix of cardio, strength and core-based exercises sometimes with equipment, sometimes just bodyweight. No two sessions are ever the same to keep your body challenged and boredom at bay so you can actually stick to something that works. We pride ourselves on making our sessions fun but enough to make you work that little bit harder than you would probably do on your own.

Outside of sessions, there is the opportunity to take part in fitness and social events with your fellow bootcampers and we post online workouts for you to do if you can’t get to the class via our closed Facebook group. Not on Facebook? Not a problem as workouts can be provided upon request.

Members are the first to hear of any special offers on Personal Training or new classes that are being launched before released to the general public.

All equipment is provided, all you need to bring is a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated and lots of enthusiasm!

Where and when are classes?

Bootcamps 6:30 pm
Monday and Wednesdays, Stokes Bay, Gosport
Tuesdays and Thursdays Bath Lane Recreation Ground, Fareham
Boxercise September – July
Sunday, 09:30 Catisfield Memorial Hall, Fareham

Claim your “have fun while getting fit” FREE session now

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Claim your “have fun while getting fit” FREE session now

Click the button below, leave your details and we will be in touch