Everyone will battle cravings from time to time so here are 8 top tips to HELP those pesky cravings. When cravings sneak into your brain and you simply CANNOT think of anything else but devouring a GALAXY Bar / monster packs of M & M’s or whatever it may be here are some tips to help……

1:Do a HIIT Workout. A quick 10minute workout will flood your body and brain with happy hormones & a post workout high.

2:DRINK first. You are more than likely dehydrated  so drink a 1 litre of bottled water.

3:Eat more Vegetables. Load up on your veggies at every meal. Veggies are filling & are amazing sources of fibre. They suppress hunger and keep you satisfied for longer.

4:If you are really craving sugar then choose nuts & raisins. Not salted or roasted go for organic or natural Almonds, Hazelnuts, Cashews are fab.

5:STRESS will definitely play a massive role in your cravings. Try practising meditation on a daily basis. Start with 2 minutes & build up your daily practice.

6:SLEEP is the body’s reset button and in the case of sugar cravings insufficient sleep will drive your cravings into overdrive. Go to bed by 10.30pm switching off your phones and devices.

 7:Use positive affirmations. Have a daily mantra that you use and replay in your mind. It could be “I only choose to eat healthy food” and when faced with a craving focus on your mantra.

8:THINK FORWARD. I always “think forward” & think about how I feel  if I  cave and eat a bag of crisp, chocolate bars or takeaways…..