This was how Vikki started her journey. Her very first event was last

year’s Golden Mile and over the past 12months she has taken part in

many more different events. This local event which is held every year

by Absolute Running helped her to take part in something which was

 only just a starting point to all her achievements. To date she has

 taken part in over 18 different other events and is still registering

for more. Her hard work and dedication over the past year has paid off.


Last Sundays event saw her knock 2mins off her time from 2015.


She is one very happy lady as well as being a role model and

 inspiration to many other mums out there, she is a single mum of two

twin girls who will be coming up to 2 years old in August and since

having them she has not let that stop her keeping fit. Exercise has

helped her change Her lifestyle for the better becoming a strong healthy fit mum to the girls.


So if you are reading this and wanting to register for an event then

either get yourself signed up now for the Gosport Golden mile 2017


We have a whole more coming up this year come and join us.