1. Walk it off. You may want to just stop, but walking for a little bit and gently stretching or mobilizing will help recirculate waste products, reducing the inevitable soreness.
  2. Have a luke warm bath in Himalayan rock salt or Dead sea salt. Luke warm is important as the muscles are already blood engorged, which hot water can exacerbate.
  3. Light Foam roller, or massage from a kind friend can help flush through muscles, but the key is light! Your muscles are already broken, so avoid doing anything too robust and making it worse. Save the deep tissue massage for 4-7 days after the event.
  4. Eat a meal high in healthy fats and protein, such as avocado, nuts, olives, cheese, chicken, fish, steak etc…. as they will help cell repair and replenish energy sources. Some fruit will also give you instant energy and much need antioxidants and vitamin C. You’ll probably be tempted by a large pizza or Chinese, but these can leave you feeling sluggish and worse and won’t help your muscles regenerate.
  5. Using a magnesium muscle gel or spray can reduce muscles aches. spasms and cramps as well as increase athletic performance. Be warned, it tingles…… a lot!!
  6. Take a potent anti-oxidant. Research shows that post marathon, the immune system is damaged for a period of 3-14 days.
  7. Avoid any running or heavy exercise for the first 4-7 days. depending on how experienced a runner you are. Light walking, stretching and mobilising are all great.
  8. Keep drinking plenty of water. keep your body hydrated I know you may feel like you have earnt a few drinks but go easy it is just as important post race to drink water than pre race.