Keeping active throughout the Summer at home.

Did you follow last month’s mini home workout, if you did by now you should be feeling a little fitter. If you didn’t then here is another one you may want to try.

Using all the same exercises from last month try performing them in a different format.
By mixing up the format this will help challenge you once again through July.
Mini workouts can be very beneficial for health. Many types of exercises can be performed in short rounds (a round is all the exercises completed together i.e. all 4 exercises completed from start to finish is a round then repeat again) .
This will get you doing something rather than nothing at all and help us to stick to an exercise program and enjoy it. However on days when you have time and can participate in a longer period of exercise, then you can always come and join us at one of our 30min sessions in Gosport or Fareham.

But for now It’s nice to know that on other days multiple mini workouts can help you to get fit and stay that way.
Start with a 1min jog on the spot as your warm up.

Then try and do as many rounds as you can in 6mins of the following:
No rest just keep going until your 6mins is up try and get more rounds in each week also write down how many rounds you do in the 6mins each day and let’s see some improvements week after week.

10 Press ups
20 Sit ups
30 Squats
40 Start Jumps