Following Easter, & feeling more fat & frumpy, rather than fit & fabulous, I decided it was time I got myself in better shape than the one that was greeting me daily in the mirror. I was tired, lethargic, miserable and worse still couldn’t fit into many clothes in my wardrobe.

I couldn’t run a bath never mind run an event without breaking into a sweat, so after seeing an an advert for Body Blast Boot Camp, I decided to take the plunge, and see if this was for me.

The first session understandably was a struggle, in fact, the last 10 mins I simply couldn’t do, but I persevered to get through it.

The following day whilst walking around much like the tin man from The Wizard of Oz! I questioned whether this was for me, or is it going to be too ‘hardcore’ for my non existent fitness levels.

Perseverance is key so I attended the next session and the session after. I felt better, and altogether more positive about not only the experience itself, but the mindset needed to make self improvements in both health & lifestyle.

I started watching & diarising what I was eating & cutting out junk & fatty fried foods altogether. I stopped the alcohol too, and gave much more consideration to the fuel going into my body.

Soon, one session of Bootcamp turned into two, when I joined the Thursday boxing group which was a revelation.

Two then became three, when I added Wednesday Metafit to the calendar, and then three became four when I managed to squeeze a Friday morning session into the equation too.

All of a sudden, I noticed movement was easier than before. Clothes were fitting better, mentally I felt sharper, and was it just me, or were the sessions getting easier to manage?

As my weight was reducing my confidence was increasing too.

I decided to add a Saturday morning run into the equation and did 5K in 33 mins. No way could I have done that back in Easter!

The following week I did the same run again with fellow boot camper Tiare Elgie. I managed to smash a clear 5 minutes off the week before! Clearly changes were afoot!

In 3 months, I had lost 3 stone. Just something I didn’t think possible back in May.

The expertise, professionalism, & goals set by both Kelly, Fiona & Darren have been exceptional & really keeps you focused.

Not only that but I have found nothing but warmth, encouragement, and support from my fellow boot campers, who I have throughly enjoyed working with, & partnering up with to perform various exercise routines. They are a superb group of individuals, and there is a great sense of teamwork & camaraderie that you simply do not get in a ‘gym’ environment.

I started Bootcamp as a fast track to fitness and not only has it worked, but I really look forward to the sessions, and as we head into the Autumn & Winter months my goals & determination have increased to improve my fitness levels even further, and, who knows maybe even lose another couple of stone too. The belief is there.

Thank you to all at BBBC! 🏃

Brian Dobson 1/9/17