Terms and conditions apply for the following  services


Free months herbalife bootcamp pass

This card entitles  you to take part in any of our outdoor BootCamps only. And covers the named person to four consecutive weeks of bootcamp for free when on the full weight loss or maintenance Herbalife package,  cards must have clients full name, expiry date, package and distributors name  to be valid and to be shown at each session you attend to an instructor.

The card will be valid from collection of products for 4 consecutive weeks if you fail to attend sessions this is at your own discretion.   Sessions cannot be carried forward after the four weeks. This card cannot be passed on to anyone else.


Monthly standing orders

Your monthly standing order  must be set up on either one of the following dates  5th or 15th of the month, There is no contract and you can cancel at anytime all we ask is you let us know if you no longer wish to continue. We do ask for an email to confirm your cancelation.

Going away on holiday for a couple of weeks does not  allow you to cancel and re start,  There will be a fee in this case not only from us but your bank.


Yearly  subscriptions

Your yearly subscription starts from the date we receive payment and will need to be renewed 12 months from that date.

If you fall pregnant or become Ill or injured we can put your subscription on hold or it can be passed on to another person until due course, This will happen from the date we receive confirmation.  No refund will be granted for any reason.