This will be how you feel when you get another gift that you don't really want and will sit in a cupboard or drawer forgotten about until you have a clear out one day.

If you are fed up with receiving the same old boring Christmas presents year after year that have no real use to you then why not ask for something a little bit different?

Have you always wanted to have a personal trainer to help you get into shape, train for an event or just make you feel a little bit fitter so you can run around with the kids more easily, or even just walk up the stairs without feeling puffed out.

Well why not ask family members to club together and buy you one of my personal training gift vouchers which will entitle you to 6 personal training sessions with me.

I now only have 4 personal training gift vouchers available and as it's Christmas I am feeling generous and will continue the offer of 6 sessions for £129 for a limited time only.

So start dropping some hints to your nearest and dearest and get something you REALLY want for Christmas.