Not long to go now until our charity walk this Saturday. I hope you have been able to gather a few donations from friends, family or work colleagues.

I have been busy putting together some info sheets for you on the day so everyone will have a copy of the route.

The weather forecast has gone from raining all day to now dry in the morning and showers in the afternoon - very warm though at 20C so I would say prepare for all eventualities!

Don't forget you will need to arrange how to get back from Fareham to home or Privett Park if leaving your car there. I expect a few will need to get back there so a taxi share could be a possibility. I am taking 3 people from Fareham town centre in the morning and can squeeze one more in if need be. Contact me if you need a lift.

Don't forget your completed waiver forms on the day!

We will aim to start the walk promptly at 9:30am as a few have places to be in the afternoon. See you at Privett Park for the safety briefing at 9:15am