On Saturday 8 of us from bootcamp tackled the Rough Runner 10km obstacle course. It was hard work at times (some of the hills were STEEP) but great fun and we all got round safely with just a few bruises (50% of the back of my left thigh is currently purple) and scrapes to show for our efforts, plus a nice shiny medal.

As well as it being important to have prepared for the event beforehand with our training, nutrition and hydration, it is always just as important to consider recovery in the days after particularly for any type of endurance event.

Some of you may be running the Southampton half or full marathon this weekend. Maybe you are doing the London Marathon. You have (hopefully) being putting in the miles, being careful about what you eat and staying hydrated in preparation for the race but have you considered what you need to do in the hours/days after to help your body recover ready to get back into training? Here are a few things to consider:

Straight after you cross the finishing line you may be feeling exhausted and exhilarated but don’t sit down. Keep moving to give your legs time to cool down and prevent cramping

Rehydrate preferable with something that contains electrolytes such as coconut water, sports drink or juice.

STRETCH! Make sure you stretch your legs properly – quads, hamstrings, calves and glutes. The more thoroughly you do it at the end of the race, the easier it will be to get out of bed in the morning.

Within an hour of finishing eat something such as a banana or sports bar. Your body will need to start to refuel and you will probably be starting to get hungry.

If you start to feel any pain anywhere then get some ice on it to help reduce any inflammation and start the healing process.

Over the next day or two your muscles will need to stay hydrated to help them recover. Use a foam roller on areas that feel sore. The deep tissue massage will help to draw blood to the muscles to aid recovery. If you can manage it, go for a walk or even jog around the block the day after the race. It doesn’t have to be for long, 10 to 20 minutes should suffice just to loosen up the muscles.

By following these few simple tips, after a week or so you should be able to get back into your normal training routine.

Good luck to any one doing an event of any kind this weekend. We will be doing more team challenges throughout the year so keep posted for a list of dates and events and how to sign up.

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