August Newsletter

The summer holidays are in full swing which is certainly noticeable at our sessions at the moment with many of you away on holiday or busy with entertaining the family. Looking forward to seeing those who have promised to be back in September.

It is important to take time out and have a break from routine, change of scenery and/or do something for ourselves now and again instead of trying to please everyone else. My few days away last week, although seemed to be over very quickly, was definitely needed and I felt re-energised when I returned.

However, one holiday a year is not enough for re-charging our batteries. Now I'm not saying you have to go on holiday more than once a year, as much as we would love to for most of us that's just not feasible but it is important to block out some time once a week or even just once a month to do something for yourself and just take some time out from the demands of work, friends and family. For me this is going for a run or doing an event but it could be something as simple as a walk along the beach or a relaxing massage. Whatever you do put it in your diary and keep the appointment with yourself. Self care is not an option, it's a necessity.

What's been happening in sessions this month?

Despite the very hot spell we had in July, there was still a good turnout for sessions. Participants were rewarded with water related activities to help them cool off and game based sessions where you had to use your brain as well as your body.


Bootcamper Event Participation

Last month some of us took part in the Bournemouth Beach Race, and yes it was ALL on sand. Probably one of the hardest 10K's I have ever run. However it was a great race with a nice medal and t-shirt as a reward for our efforts.

Some of us also did the 30 day plank challenge to raise awareness of PTSD. We set our target plank hold time at the beginning of the challenge and on Day 30 we had to see if our efforts had paid off. We all smashed our goals as you can see in the photo.

Our current challenge is the Summer Spectacular where over the course of the summer holiday period points can be earned by completing different tasks. The top 3 scorers will win either a gift voucher or personal training sessions so it's well worth taking part if you are one of our current bootcampers.


Frozen Blackberry Yoghurt

Bramble bushes seem to be everywhere and can be a bit of a nuisance however at this time of year the blackberries that grow on them are starting to ripen and can be used in all sorts of recipes or simply eaten on their own. If you want to try this easy healthy dessert, grab a container, go for a wander and get picking but watch for those thorns!
  • 200g blackberries
  • 300g Greek yogurt
  • 50ml honey
  • 100ml semi skimmed or skimmed milk
  1. Mash the berries a little with a fork.
  2. In a separate bowl, mix the Greek yogurt with the honey and milk. Spoon the yogurt mixture into a freezable container, then tip the berries on top and swirl them through. Freeze for 2 hrs, then give a little stir and return to the freezer to firm up. Take out of the freezer a few mins before serving to soften for scooping.

New class coming soon...

I am currently looking into venues and details to run a Sunday morning indoor Boxercise class in Fareham. This will be an 8 week course from end of September to beginning of December. Spaces will be limited so keep an eye on the Facebook page and e-mails for further info.

Event list 2019

Signing up to an event is a great way to keep motivated and is even more fun when done with others. If you want to join them then sign up using the links below or if you have one to add to the list drop me an email and let me know. I would be particularly interested in any obstacle course races where we can work as a team. You don't have to be the fittest or strongest to take part in an event, it's all about maybe just stepping out of your comfort zone and having a go. Don't forget your bootcampers and myself are always there to support you both before and during the event itself.

18th August - Wickham 10K (groovy medal for this one) https://ruralrunningevents.com/event/wickham-10k-road-race-cx
1st September - Meon Valley 5K, 10K and half https://ruralrunningevents.com/event/meon-valley-trail-half-10k-5k-cx

6th October - RNLI 10K and Pieces of Eight https://www.fitprorob.biz/10km-runs/

19th/20th October - Great South Run 5K or 10 mile option https://www.greatrun.org/great-south-run

1st November Ghost Race - this could be a giggle if we dress up https://www.fitprorob.biz/the-ghost-race/

8th and 9th December - Run 1 mile, 5K, or 10K or do all 3 for a bonus medal. This year there is an additional run on the Saturday afternoon so there is the opportunity to collect 5 medals in total! Sign up here for the early bird offer of a 15% discount which expires at the end of July https://fitprorob.primo-solutions.co.uk/ps/event/SantaRunLaplandChallenge?fbclid=IwAR1LOJHpurEDh050YvkTy_HQOK9sT3cfhf2LBSj04-X8_2_k2CiO5RX8zpQ

22nd December - Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Events - half, marathon or ultra https://www.fitprorob.biz/portsmouth-coastal-waterside-marathon-2015/

7th June 2020 - Clarendon Way Walk - in aid of Naomi House Charity, choose your distance of 5, 12, 26 or 52 miles walking from Winchester to Salisbury along the Clarendon Way https://www.naomihouse.org.uk/index.php/events/341-classic-clarendon

Parkrun - every Saturday 9:00 at Fareham, Lee on Solent, Whiteley, Lakeside. A timed 5K event that you can run, jog or walk. Free to enter, just sign up on the Parkrun website then remember to bring your barcode every week. A great way to start your weekend. Junior events also available at some locations on a Sunday http://www.parkrun.org.uk/

Please let me know of any other events that may be of interest so I can add them to the list next month.

Summer Timetable

Our current timetable will run until 30th September 2019.

BODYBLAST BOOTCAMP 6:30pm MONDAYS Stokes Bay, Gosport, TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS Bath Lane Recreation Ground, Fareham, WEDNESDAYS Portchester castle, Portchester and Stokes Bay, Gosport.
A 45 minute outdoor session designed to challenge you whilst still being enjoyable. Suitable for all levels of fitness, ages, shapes and sizes, exercises will vary from team work, to tyre flipping and bodyweight moves.

Contact karen@bodyblastbootcamp.co.uk for your free trial session

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